Hockey Skates and the Power of Ozone Cleaning!

September 1, 2016
Hockey Skates and the Power of Ozone Cleaning!

You shouldn't just be concerned with how sharp your skate is, you should also be concerned with what's lurking in it! Hockey skates harbour a high level of dangerous bacteria due to their confined, warm and wet environment. MRSA, amongst other bacteria, can cause serious injury to a hockey player if it enters the bloodstream. It is important to use ozone cleaning systems to ensure the bacteria in hard to reach places can be treated. Ozone cleaning is the best way to clean hockey equipment as many items, such as pads, skates and helmets, cannot be placed in a traditional washing machine. The ozone in Sani Sport penetrates and eliminates the bacteria inside the equipment - not just on the surface! Sani Sport is Dupliskate's choice ozone cleaner. In just 12 minutes, Sani Sport's ozone cleaning process significantly kills dangerous bacteria.

Other tips for keeping safe:

  • Always air your equipment out after every game or practice
  • Make sure to cover cuts with bandages to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream
  • Wear socks with your skates! Socks can easily be washed in a traditional washing machine
  • Do not share your hockey equipment with another player
  • Sanitize your equipment with an ozone cleaner as often as possible

MRSA infections amongst athletes are often due to sharing equipment and poor hygiene. Professionals have been sidelined by this terrible superbug! With that fear in mind, 90% of NHL teams have turned to Dupliskate's preferred ozone cleaner - Sani Sport.

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