Sharpening Children's Skates

January 1, 2017
Sharpening Children's Skates

Children today often partake in many extra-curricular activities. They may be interested in figure skating or playing ice hockey. Here are some skate sharpening tips to help your child as they start their time on the ice.

  1. New skates still need to be sharpened. The store where you purchased them may offer skate sharpening services.
  2. Sharper edges on the skate blade allow the skate to grip the ice but if a child's skates are sharpened too sharp, it may cause them to slow down.
  3. Frequency of skate sharpening depends on the child. As they continue their ice activities, they will learn what feels right and when their skates need to be sharpened. After having a child's skates sharpened, you should encourage them to spend a few minutes and experience freshly sharpened skates. This will help in understanding how often they will need to sharpen their skates. Some children will want their skate sharpened after two or three hockey games whereas as others might want their figure skates sharpened every 6 weeks.
  4. You will often times find a skate sharpener in the pro shop of the arena. If not, many sporting goods retailers will offer this service.
  5. Make sure your child wears guards over their skate blades when they are not on the ice. Concrete, aluminum and rubber can all cause damage to the skate blade.
  6. When your child is done on the ice, make sure to wipe off the skate blades well with a cloth. This will prevent the skate blade from rusting.

As your child grows, their preferences will change. They will require a different hollow grind when sharpening their skates due to their increase in weight and skill.

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