Skate Sharpening Accessories

As an owner of Dupliskate machinery, you have at your service the best skate sharpening equipment in the world. Do not accept imitation skate sharpening accessories as they may impede the optimal operation of your equipment. Only "genuine" Dupliskate skate sharpening accessories and consumable products can ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of your system.

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Grinding Wheels
  • 80 grit, 5 3/4" diameter
  • Factory balanced to provide vibration free sharpening
    • Pink: most durable, popular and versatile grinding wheel; suitable for all quality skate blades
    • Blue: slightly softer than the pink wheels because of the abrasives; suitable for higher end skates
    • White: softest Dupliskate grinding wheel available, provides a brilliant mirror finish
Graduated Diamonds
  • The graduated diamond hits the grinding wheel while its turning to create the hollow
Lube Sticks
  • Before the last pass, use the Dupliskate lube stick for a mirror finish
Pick Guards
  • Pick guards are important for protecting the picks on figure skates
  • Handstones clean off the burrs after skate sharpening
    • Dark: coarser
    • Light: Finer
Diamond Dust Cube
  • Green cube provides a smooth polish after the sharpening
  • Dupliskate tip: after a skate sharpening, use the dark handstone, followed by the light handstone and then finish off the process with the diamond dust cube
  • The charts show the recommended hollow grind based on the skater's weight and size
  • Dupliskate has 3 different charts for sharpening skates
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