Figure Skate Sharpening Guide

Before starting your figure skate sharpening, it is important to protect the picks with a pick guard. To eliminate the possibility of rounding off the heal:
  1. Place the figure skate bar in the right hand clamp
  2. Advance the grinding wheel (with the grinding motor off) to the very end of the blade
  3. Lift near the end of the figure skate bar so it contacts the guide wheel precisely at this position
  4. Tighten right clamp to maintain position of the figure skate bar
  5. Let the grinding wheel travel the length of the blade from behind the pick guard past the heel making sure the guide wheel only makes contact at the required point
How to sharpen figure skates with the RS6
  • On the outside of the RS6, there is a leveler knob which is needed for sharpening figure skates.
  • Figure skates have "picks" at the toe portion of the skate.
  • Picks facilitate various maneuvers.
  • Picks, in general, are not to be sharpened or grinded.
  • In order to prevent this, as the figure skate approaches the grinding wheel, simply pull the leveler knob so that the grinding wheel does not make contact with the pick guard.
  • Once, the grinding wheel passes the pick guard, release the leveler knob so that the grinding wheel makes contact with the skate blade.
  • Dupliskate pick guards can be used to simplify this process. The pick guard must be applied to the skate blade after the skate has been secured in the clamp.
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