Automatic Skate Sharpening Machine

MODEL: RS6 Retail Pro
  • This automatic skate sharpener sharpens two skates simultaneously and automatically in just 90 seconds!
  • The only skate sharpener that is CSA approved
  • New automated micro switches stop this automatic skate sharpening machine from operating if either of the covers are opened
  • New patent pending diamond delivery system eliminates the need for even occasional adjustment
  • The only skate sharpener that eliminates the danger of the operators coming into contact with spinning grinding wheels and dust debris
  • Effortless! Simply press the button and watch the RS6 automatic skate sharpener do all the work!
  • The RS6 is the only skate sharpening machine in the world that is fully enclosed!
  • Easy to sharpen figure skates as well - just use the external figure skate adjustment
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Watch our RS6 video

New Lexan covers with handles

New Patent Pending Diamond Delivery System

New Micro Switch
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