Electronic Skate Sharpening Machine

MODEL: DSS-EII (shown with optional DC-3 Unit)
  1. Dust containment wall
  2. Rugged industrial table assures vibration free electronic sharpening*
  3. 760 CFM vacuum blower rated as performing well above Canadian and U.S. government standards for dust collection*
  4. Side tray allows quick disposal of gathered dust and debris*
  5. Diamond arm assembly automation guarantees efficient changing of hollow grinds in less than 3 seconds
  6. Auto speed clamp ensures consistent even edges
  7. Control panel provides automatic setting of number of passes and speed in both directions
*Features of the DC-3 Dust Control Unit
(4 pieces: table, blower, wall and tray)

Optional: Take your electronic skate sharpener to the next level by purchasing the Electronic Advantage Plus which includes the DSS-EII, suggested accessory package, as well as the DC-3 Dust Control.

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